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​Interactive Assets is a collection of Internet businesses, which provide platforms for people to connect with other people, resources, and the content they find value in. 


Our companies represent a diverse offering in social media, unique content, search services, mobile solutions, virtual worlds, and specalized sites for children of all ages.

Our Goal

Our goal at Interactive Assets is to create, acquire and partner with companies that allow personalized content to be a daily part of your life, providing inspiration and entertainment for all ages.

​Our portfolio of companies represent diverse offerings in social media, unique  content,  search services, mobile solutions, virtual worlds, and specialized sites for children of all ages.


Our team is a proven group of leaders, investors, advisors, and creative minds that together make Interactive Assets a world-class parent company to our subsidiaries.

Our Vision

“We are building social media solutions that will change the way people connect and interact with each other and the content they find interesting and inspiring.”

Troy Lynch, Co-Founder

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