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Interactive Assets Is a collection of Internet businesses, which provide platforms
for people to connect with other people, content and resources they find value in.
Our portfolio of companies focuses on useful content generation, search, practical
and fun applications, educational gaming, mobile, and social media.
We connect people to people, and their common interests.


We focus on businesses that combine aspects of traditional media, social media, and digital media to create sites that facilitate collective wisdom, interaction, sharing and creating different forms of content.  Our mission is to combine the power of interaction, the vast quantity of content, people’s creativity and unique ideas to add value to people’s lives all over the world.  

We create market places for online transactions.


Our companies focus on creating environments online for people to exchange ideas, content, goods, and other forms of digital transactions that are created by and between people.  We facilitate these platforms to enable you to meet and transact with peers, customers, consumers and merchants.  

We facilitate people sharing with others.


We are a collection of online communities where common interests, products and services, useful content, and relationships are created and shared daily.  Our group of companies connect people to the content others have created, thereby facilitating the sharing of wisdom, fun, creativity, and inspiration.   

We let you create and share your creations.


People of all ages want to experience the Internet in their own way.  We allow users to create their own story and environment to share with others.  Our companies create highly personalized experiences for our users, connecting to what matters most to them and to their families, friends and colleagues.     

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