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Our Companies represent a diverse offering in social media, unique content, search services, mobile solutions, virtual worlds, and specialized sites for children of all ages.  Interactive Assets builds, acquires and invest in Internet companies
that compliment our business portfolio.
Social Media

Interactive Assets creates online platforms that provide digital content and interaction that is created by our users.


We enable interaction by engaging users to participate and create content as means of sharing with their peers or other users with common interests. 


Our companies provide a wide variety of content formats including text, video, photos, and audio. Social Media is a core component of our portfolio of companies and a focus of our development and acquisition activities.

Mobile Media

Interactive Assets focuses on providing content to users on their preferred devices. 


Smartphones and PDA’s are now clearly the device of choice outpacing personal computer sales since 2011. 


These devices and their media technologies play an important role in the everyday lives of millions of people worldwide. 


Our portfolio of companies willdevelop services, applicatons and content that can easily be accessed and shared across these devices

Personalized Content

At Interactive Assets, we’re in the business of making the Internet better.  Through innovation and creativity, our companies provide high quality content to our users. 


We provide sites and brands where people come every day to discover content and communities that are relevant to them.  We connect people to the content that informs, inspires, and improves their lives daily. 


Our companies create highly personalized experiences for our users, connecting to what matters most to them and to their families, friends and colleagues.

Kids & Education

We have a strong belief in creating fun, educational, and practical experiences for youth of all ages. Children, teens and young adults are the current and future audience of the Internet revolution.


Interactive Assets believes there is a need for healthy and inspiring information, games and activities for our children to discover and enjoy online. 


We have created companies that meet these objectives and facilitate Parents to teach and guide children and young adults throughout their development.   

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